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By using the online service of Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists ( you acknowledge that this is a separate service to any hairstyling or makeup services that may be provided to you by Christina Rodio (ABN 53 546 328 528) and Jacqueline Parker Creative do not represent that business in any capacity, other than to facilitate recommending you their service.

Please ensure this stylist is suitable for your requirements and you are happy with their portfolio, terms of service and pricing before booking.

Although this stylist has been thoroughly vetted and to the best of our knowledge will provide you with a great service, Jacqueline Parker Creative can not and do not assume any liability for the work or service being provided to you by Christina Rodio.

By ticking the check box on Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists booking form, you agree to indemnify Jacqueline Parker Creative against any potential losses, injuries, damages, costs, claims and actions that may arise as a result of engaging a stylist recommended by Jacqueline Parker Creative.

Please familiarise yourself with our refund policy HERE



An initial deposit of $25 per adult hair or makeup and $10 per child hair or makeup is to be paid upon booking with JPC Recommended Stylists.

Christina will then request that deposit be taken up to 50% of the total amount of the booking. This can be paid into the following bank account:

C RODIO BSB: 086 116 ACC: 71 969 28 96




Please ensure any cash being paid on the day of service is the correct amount owing as we do not always carry cash or the amount you may require in change

Public Holidays incur a surcharge of 15% and only applies to services performed on that day. These dates include but are not limited to New Years Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years day unless otherwise stated by Christina. We also reserve the right to decline services on any of these days at our discretion.

DISCOUNTS AND VOUCHERS: All discounts and vouchers are excluded on Public Holidays or any of the dates stated above in Public Holidays and Easter Sunday. Discounts or vouchers may not be used with any other deals or offers on offer at the time of booking and service. Discounts are void if transferred to a new date and will reflect the pricing for that period. All vouchers issued are final and non-transferrable. Vouchers have a 3 month expiry limit and no extensions will be given unless advised in writing of a circumstance out of your control. Vouchers are issued under a name holder and must not be transferred or changed in any way. Services listed on the voucher will be provided and can be added to at additional costing as per pricing schedule.

Perth Metropolitan travel charges are calculated at $1 per kilometre per stylist from their residence. Travel required outside of the Perth Metropolitan Area, standard travel rates will be charged 2 ways for the first stylist and a flat rate of $150 (up to 6 hours travel) will be charged per additional stylist required that can travel in the same vehicle (max of 2 per vehicle)
Travel to Rottnest Island is a flat rate of $70 per stylist and Ferry fees and admission fees to and from the island must be paid by the client.

Should services commence of finish outside of the hours 7am to 5pm a $40 surcharge will apply.

When services are located at a hotel all Christina will require valet parking. This is to be organised by the client before the arrival of Christina. If this is not a service provided by the hotel, areas in Perth CBD, Northbridge, Scarborough & other paid parking areas will incur parking charges depending on available local parking facilities and charged after the services are completed if not paid before staff leave the completed job.

The client takes full responsibility for informing Christina of the correct address of services and any changes including unusual or difficult locations. Christina is not responsible in the event of miscommunication and any delays in completing services as a result of this. All services must be completed at the one address location including hotels.

Should your services be required more than 1 hour out of Perth Metropolitan Area and an early start is required (prior to 7am) local accommodation will be required to be supplied by the client, at the cost of the client. Accommodation is based on an average 1 night stay for 2 people including basic amenities. The accommodation instalment is required to be paid along with the booking fee at the time of booking to secure current accommodation pricing.

Christina requires that all bridal clients have a trial appointment for the Bride only, prior to the wedding day. This will incur additional cost to the client - please contact Christina for a quote if you haven't already received one.

1 Bridal kit will be supplied per bridal party booking including band aids, cotton tips, floss, hair pins, mid strength pain relief, mints, travel hair spray, safety pins, tampons, tissues and toothpicks. This is at no additional cost to the client.

SUPPLIED STYLIST AND SERVICE TIMES: Christina will do her best to supply you with the best stylist to suit your requirements and have you completed by your latest completion time. We reserve the right to reasonably change the time of your appointment to allow for other bookings or replace your stylist when required without notice.

Please specify should you require a trial at a specific location (travel fees apply) as trials are carried out at the CR Studio in Spearwood. Should you cancel your trial appointment you forfeit your deposit paid (50%) as your cancellation fee. You can amend this booking to a new date however, this change must be advised at least 7 days prior to your appointment. Should a cancellation be made under 7 days you forfeit your deposit and will be required to pay a new deposit.

Trials are generally up to 1 hour in duration per service (hair or makeup) and include ONE look. Minor adjustments are included eg. trying a different lip colour, darkening of eyeshadow/blush, pinning some hair up or making basic alterations to the hair etc. If a complete restyle is required where we have to start ‘from scratch’, a new appointment must be booked and will be charged for in full as a separate trial.

Please be available on time for your appointment. Clients who arrive late to their booking or are not ready to begin when we arrive run the risk of their job not being able to be carried out, in part or in full. This will be up to our discretion and will depend on how late the client is, and what bookings and commitments we have following the booking. Payment in full will still be required for the session, and any monies that have already been paid will be forfeited by the client.

You agree to allow CR to photograph or record to include but not limited to, you, other clients being prepared on the day, bridal party and surroundings of the event and release all rights to benefit financially from any photographic material published on social media channels or through our website or any publication in the future. CR is not obliged to notify you or anyone of the use of these images.

Please ensure you and all relevant participants are committed to all services in the above-mentioned quote before booking with Chistina. If for any reason a participant has to cancel their services, you surrender their part of the booking fee deposit paid. We encourage you to find a replacement for this person or the remainder of services booked for this person will still remain payable in the final balance owing.

If for any reason you would like to change the date of your booking 14 days notice must be given or the booking cancellation fee will apply (the 50% deposit paid will be kept).
Should the cancellation be within the 14 days the full amount of the booking will need to be paid. Should the cancellation policy apply and the initial deposit lost, a new booking will incur a new 50% booking fee deposit. If the booking is cancelled and the new date is unavailable this is not fault of CR and no liability will be taken.

Please be aware that any rescheduled services are subject to new pricing increases as they occur and may incur additional costs when re-scheduling to a date with a planned rate increase.

Should you cancel your services for any reason (other than extenuating circumstances such as death or a natural disaster out of your control) you surrender your 50% non-refundable booking fee and any monies otherwise paid for services or trials before the date of your service.

For Bridal Parties only: Should you cancel your wedding booking with 45 days or less remaining before the date of your wedding, for any reason (other than extenuating circumstances such as death or a natural disaster out of your control) you surrender 100% of the total cost quoted to you for services. This must be paid no more than 7 days post cancellation and written notification of this payment provided to CR.

Cancellation of a destination wedding either local, domestic or international will require the final balance to be paid within 14 of days written notice. If CR is able to fill the space with equal or greater value services as in the quoted amount, you will be refunded the amount minus the non-refundable booking fee. If a collection agency’s services are required for the collection of outstanding fees then you agree to be responsible for any costs or fees associated with this including but not limited to attorney fees or court costs.

In the instance your event is to be cancelled by a WA Government announcement or mandate you will have your 50% non-refundable booking fee held in credit of your name by CR. No refunds will be issued. Should your event and booking be rescheduled within a 3 month period no administration fee will be issued to the booking. Should your even be re-scheduled and booked after a 3 month period a $50 administration fee will be added to your account when re-booking your services. COVID19 reschedules will only be accepted once and should additional reschedules be required an additional $110 administration fee is payable.

In the event your stylist is required to quarantine or is unwell due to COVID19 and therefore not able to complete your services CR will do its best to try and replace with another stylist as soon as we are made aware. In the event CR is not able to find a replacement stylist a refund will be issued.

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