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By using the online service of Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists ( you acknowledge that this is a separate service to any hairstyling or makeup services that may be provided to you by Hannah Ward (ABN 60 563 071 017) and Jacqueline Parker Creative do not represent that business in any capacity, other than to facilitate recommending you their service.

Please ensure this stylist is suitable for your requirements and you are happy with their portfolio, terms of service and pricing before booking.

Although this stylist has been thoroughly vetted and to the best of our knowledge will provide you with a great service, Jacqueline Parker Creative can not and do not assume any liability for the work or service being provided to you by Hannah Ward.

By ticking the check box on Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists booking form, you agree to indemnify Jacqueline Parker Creative against any potential losses, injuries, damages, costs, claims and actions that may arise as a result of engaging a stylist recommended by Jacqueline Parker Creative.

Please familiarise yourself with our refund policy HERE



An initial non-refundable deposit is collected via Jacqueline Parker Creative upon booking, which is $25 per hair or makeup, and $10 per child's hair or makeup.

A further non-refundable deposit is then collected by Hannah which is $50 for non-bridal bookings and $150 for bridal party bookings. This provides full confirmation and guarantee of your booking.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your booking, your deposits can be transferred to a new booking date, but can not be refunded as cash or credit. This is to avoid disappointment and acts as a mutual obligation to both parties.


48 hours notice needed for cancellations.
Any cancellations outside of that time will incur the whole amount owed.


Hannah does not participate in any bargaining or price matches from other businesses.

Hannah's prices are subject to increases after each financial year or for bookings that are made more than 6 months ahead of the current calendar date.

Price increases are necessary for all business to be able to afford the constant inflation rates of products and services.

Hannah appreciates your support of small businesses.


When a bridal booking is made, please ensure the correct numbers for the bridal party are given.

Bridal bookings are high in demand, especially during wedding season; each bridal party booking has a time allocated according to how many are in the bridal party. Subtraction to numbers won't be refunded and will still be charged as a bridal party member.

Addition to numbers need to be added as soon as possible to make sure extra time is available and doesn't clash with the booking after you. Addition or subtraction to bridal party members on the day will not be accepted. These changes affect my assistant and myself who have allocated our time to make sure your day runs smoothly.

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