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By using the online service of Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists ( you acknowledge that this is a separate service to any hairstyling or makeup services that may be provided to you by Jennifer Truong (ABN 60736123866) and Jacqueline Parker Creative do not represent that business in any capacity, other than to facilitate recommending you their service.

Please ensure this stylist is suitable for your requirements and you are happy with their portfolio, terms of service and pricing before booking.

Although this stylist has been thoroughly vetted and to the best of our knowledge will provide you with a great service, Jacqueline Parker Creative can not and do not assume any liability for the work or service being provided to you by Jennifer Truong.

By ticking the check box on Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists booking form, you agree to indemnify Jacqueline Parker Creative against any potential losses, injuries, damages, costs, claims and actions that may arise as a result of engaging a stylist recommended by Jacqueline Parker Creative.

Please familiarise yourself with our refund policy HERE


An initial non-refundable deposit of $25 per adult hair or makeup and $10 per child hair or makeup is collected via the Stylist Hunter platform upon booking and is subject to the Refund Policy above.

A further non-refundable deposit of a flat $50 fee is then collected by Jennifer after booking. If a booking is cancelled, this fee is retained by Jennifer.

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