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By using the online service of Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists ( you acknowledge that this is a separate service to any hairstyling or makeup services that may be provided to you by Phoebe Limanta (ABN 66483669497) and Jacqueline Parker Creative do not represent that business in any capacity, other than to facilitate recommending you their service.

Please ensure this stylist is suitable for your requirements and you are happy with their portfolio, terms of service and pricing before booking.

Although this stylist has been thoroughly vetted and to the best of our knowledge will provide you with a great service, Jacqueline Parker Creative can not and do not assume any liability for the work or service being provided to you by Phoebe Limanta.

By ticking the check box on Jacqueline Parker Creative's Recommended Stylists booking form, you agree to indemnify Jacqueline Parker Creative against any potential losses, injuries, damages, costs, claims and actions that may arise as a result of engaging a stylist recommended by Jacqueline Parker Creative.

Please familiarise yourself with our refund policy HERE




A. Makeup artist shall provide Services with reasonable care and skill.
B. Makeup artist shall perform the Services promptly on the date and time agreed.
C. If Phoebe Limanta Makeup Artistry is unable to perform agreed services for any unforeseeable reasons, unavoidable situations Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry agrees to arrange for an equally qualified makeup Artist to complete the agreed upon services.
D. Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry shall use her own products in the provision of the Services. Phoebe Limanta Makeup Artistry does NOT use eyelid tape so if you would like to have that done, do so before the Artist arrive.


A. Client is responsible for Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry fees, assistant fees, parking, accommodation and travel fees (where applicable).
B. Client agrees to immediately inform Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry regarding any sensitivities or allergies they may have to any types of makeup, products, or treatment immediately upon meeting for herself and all other members of the booking.
C. Client is responsible for informing Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry if anyone in the booking party is feeling unwell on the day of the booking.


An initial deposit of $25 per adult hair or makeup and $10 per child hair or makeup is to be paid upon booking with JPC Recommended Stylists.

This deposit will confirm, and hold the date/time agreed upon and is non-refundable/non- transferable. PLEASE REMEMBER, without a deposit the date WILL NOT be held for The Client.


Final payment is to be made a week prior to the Booking Date (or by the day prior to the appointment where the booking falls within one week of when it was booked). This can be paid by direct debit (with the receipt emailed to Phoebe as proof of payment) or cash on the day is accepted prior to the start of the appointment. Late penalties will apply if payment is not made prior or on the booking date.


If a cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the date, 100% of the quoted amount remaining will be required to be settled at the time of cancellation. If there are any reductions in the number of makeup and/or hair needed to be done, we will still charge 50% of that fee, so please be certain of the number of people when making your booking.


Please be available on time for your appointment. Clients who arrive late to their booking or are not ready to begin when their stylist arrives run the risk of their job not being able to be carried out, in part or in full. This will be up to the stylist’s discretion and will depend on how late the client is, and what bookings and commitments the stylist has following the booking. Payment in full will still be required for the session, and any monies that have already been paid will be forfeited by the client.


Trials are generally up to 1 hour in duration per service (hair or makeup) and include ONE look. Minor adjustments are included eg. trying a different lip colour, darkening of eyeshadow/blush, pinning some hair up or making basic alterations to the hair etc. If a complete restyle is required where the stylist has to start ‘from scratch’, a new appointment must be booked and will be charged for in full as a separate trial.


When services are required at a hotel Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry will require Valet Parking unless discussed prior to booking. If this is not a service provided by your hotel, areas in Perth CBD and other paid parking areas will incur parking charges depending on available local parking facilities.


A call out fee will be applied at a rate that will be discussed prior to booking. If Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry is required to travel out of state or to remote areas, the client will be responsible for hotel & travel.


The Client agrees to hold Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry from any liability from allergic reactions, injuries, losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to The Client and/or The Booking Party.


The Bride agrees to allow Phoebe Limanta Make Up Artistry to take pictures and/or videos which may or may not be used for marketing purposes.


This agreement represents all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. No other understanding or representations, oral or otherwise, regarding the agreement shall bind any of the parties. By checking the box on Jacqueline Parker Creative Recommended Stylists booking form, the Client acknowledges they have read and agreed to all the information contained in the paragraphs above.

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