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Common Mistakes Brides Make with Wedding Hair and Makeup in Perth (and How to Avoid Them)

Updated: May 29

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Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and achieving the perfect hair and makeup is paramount. However, various factors such as inexperience, budget constraints, or unfamiliarity with Perth's beauty industry can lead to avoidable errors. To ensure you radiate confidence and look the most beautiful version of yourself on your special day, here are some common pitfalls and simply strategies to evade them.



The Mistake: Some brides skip the trial to save time or money, risking unexpected results on the wedding day.

How to Avoid It: Prioritise scheduling a trial run with your makeup artist and hairstylist. Though it may seem like an added unnecessary expense, the reassurance it offers is invaluable. Use this opportunity to establish rapport with your stylist and preview your look. It is also the perfect time to test your stylist’s products for compatibility with your skin and hair, and see how they hold up to a full day of wear.



The Mistake: Straying too far from your usual style can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious on your wedding day.

How to Avoid It: Embrace a style that accentuates your natural beauty and aligns with your day-to-day personal preferences. If you normally opt for a natural makeup look – go with something light and fresh with just enough emphasis to enhance your features for photos. Conversely, if a more dramatic makeup is your everyday go-to, you may like to glam it up to keep consistent.



The Mistake: Overlooking Perth's specific climate can lead to hairstyle and makeup mishaps, such as melting makeup, hairstyle washout or frizz.

How to Avoid It: Select hairstyles and makeup products suited to Perth's seasonal conditions. Summer weddings can cause a lot of unwanted sweat, highlighting the importance for long-lasting waterproof makeup products and hairstyles that won’t drop from scalp moisture. Likewise, if rain or high winds are forecast on your special day, Hollywood waves or an out-style might not be your best choice. Talk to your stylist to find a look that will endure the climate conditions and stay fresh throughout the ceremony and reception.



The Mistake: Assuming your hair and makeup will remain flawless without any maintenance throughout the day.

How to Avoid It: Prepare a touch-up kit containing essential products and designate a bridesmaid to assist you with freshening up. At a minimum, your kit should include blotting papers to absorb any excess oil, loose powder and a fluffy makeup brush to combat facial shine, lipstick and/or gloss to keep your pout perfectly polished, eyelash glue for those unexpected falsie mishaps, a mini hairspray to tame fly-aways and hair pins to secure any stray locks.



The Mistake: Neglecting skincare and hair care routines can impact the final look on your wedding day.

How to Avoid It: Establish a consistent hair and skincare regimen well in advance of your wedding date. A healthy diet, adequate drinking water, collagen supplements and exercise can all contribute to a beautiful, glowing complexion. Schedule some facials in the months prior and seek professional advice for any existing skin issues. Regular hair trims, conditioning treatments and avoiding excessive colouring or heat styling will ensure your locks stay in tip-top condition.



The Mistake: Trying new skincare or makeup products shortly before the wedding can lead to adverse reactions and break-outs. We’ve seen this one many, many times before and it’s heartbreaking!

How to Avoid It: Stick to trusted brands and avoid introducing new products in the months leading up to your wedding. This will minimise the risk of unexpected outcomes and the resultant stress from unsightly skin irritations and breakouts.



The Mistake: Scheduling facial waxing too close to the wedding can interfere with makeup application. Too many times we have worked with a Bride who had her brows waxed a day or two prior to her wedding day. The top layer of skin cells have been removed, resulting in patches of ‘shiny’ skin with no ‘grip’. The makeup simply won’t stick to these areas, leaving your foundation patchy and inconsistent.

How to Avoid It: Plan facial waxing appointments at least 5-7 days before your wedding to allow adequate time for skin to repair. If you have fast-growing hair, consider plucking any individual strands that may pop up post waxing.



The Mistake: Failing to consider the advice of professional makeup artists and hairstylists may result in subpar results.

How to Avoid It: Trust in the expertise of your beauty professionals and remain open to their suggestions. While it is great to have a clear idea of the look you wish to achieve, it may not be the most suitable solution for your individual face shape, eye shape, colouring, hair length or hair texture. Professional guidance ensures the final look will be tailored perfectly to suit you and you only.



With some careful planning and informed decision-making, you can navigate these wedding hair and makeup mistakes and approach your wedding day with absolute confidence. Take advantage of your hairstylist and makeup artist’s expertise and ask as many questions as you need to best prepare. Be sure to allow ample time on the wedding day for each hair and makeup service; as a general rule of thumb we find up to 1 hour per hairstyle and 1 hour per makeup is optimal.


In need of expert assistance with your wedding hair and makeup in Perth? Our team boasts a wealth of 5-star reviews from happy clients who rave about our services. Visit our website at to explore our services and secure your appointment. Let our skilled stylists guide you toward achieving a stunning bridal hair and makeup on your special day. When you look good, we look good!

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