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Confessions of a Makeup Artist - 5 Makeup Rules I Wish I Knew as a Beginner

Hey there, beauties! Get ready to spill the tea because this makeup artist is about to dish out some juicy #makeup #tips! If you're just starting out in the world of makeup, and you are anything like I was (read: clueless!), these may be a few simple rules that will fast track your learning and elevate your makeup game. Let's dive in!


Makeup Highlighter to Nose
A small or flat nose benefits from highlighter

Bright, Light or Shimmery Makeup: Attracts Attention, Visually 'Comes Forward' and Makes Things Appear Larger:

Ah, the magic of the highlighter! It's like fairy dust for your face, sparkling and catching every eye in the room. But here's the scoop: while highlighter and shimmer can make your eyes pop and your cheekbones glow, it can also draw attention to areas you might not wish to showcase. When using a highlighting product - think NEON LIGHTS! It's there to act as a spotlight and attract focus wherever it's placed.

Save it for one of 2 functions: To enhance the things you love about your face, or to make small things look BIGGER. If you have particularly deep set eyes, lighten and shimmer your way to larger peepers that appear to 'come forward' and appear bigger. If you're proud of your cheekbones or want to make your lips look even fuller, go to town, lather on the sparkle and let that light shine!


Matte makeup
A matte foundation absorbs light and hides imperfections

Dark or Matte Makeup: Hides Flaws, Visually Recedes and Makes Things Appear Smaller:

Matte makeup is like your best friend on a bad day – it's there to cover up your flaws and make everything look smooth as silk. But beware, because too much matte can turn you into a lifeless statue.

When using a dark eyeshadow or a matte product - think minimising, withdrawing focus and hiding in the shadows!

Embrace the matte magic when you wish to minimise attention to any 'problem' areas on the face, such as acne, scarring, crow's feet or wrinkles. Or, you might like to employ this nifty little tool to make any feature seem visually SMALLER. This might include an overly prominent nose, saggy jowls, a large forehead or 'bulging' eyes.


Water repelling oil
Water and Oil Will Never Mix!

The Base Battle: Water or Oil?:

Let's take a trip down memory lane to chemistry class, where we learned that water and oil are like enemies, constantly repelling each other. Well, guess what? The same principle applies to our makeup products!

Picture this: your skin is the battleground, and your products are the soldiers. But here's the catch – they need to be on the same team to win the war against imperfections. The last thing you want is a your oil-based foundation repelling your water-based concealer (also known as aqua-based). Check the labels to make sure your products are all made from the same base ingredient to ensure perfect wear and complete product harmony.

And if you're wondering which formula you should choose: For my dry-skinned darlings, oil-based products are your knight in shining armour, delivering hydration and nourishment to parched skin. Meanwhile, my oily-skinned goddesses, rejoice! Water-based formulas are here to save the day, keeping shine at bay without clogging pores.

Some formulations will be entirely different - such as those made from silicone. Once again, be sure to make sure these products all match each other for best results.


Applying Blush Makeup
Liquid Blush Applied After Powdering A Foundation Won't Blend - Be Sure to Apply Liquid Products BEFORE Setting With Powder

Wet vs. Dry Makeup Products:

It's like a game of mix and match, but with makeup! Wet products play well with other wet products, while dry products prefer to stick to their own kind. So once you have applied a wet foundation, and then set it with a loose face powder, there's no going back! It's powder or nothing from that point onwards. Wet makeup will just plain refuse to mingle in a powdery environment. With this in mind, be sure to apply any gel blush, creams or other liquid products before setting with powder... then you're good to add your powdered accoutrements on top!


Dark Black Eyeliner with Makeup Brush
Set Pencil Eyeliner with a Matching Eyeshadow Powder

Eyeliner and Brow Pencils: The Wax Factor:

Who knew our body heat could turn our makeup against us? Cue the meltdown! But fear not, my lovelies, because there's a simple fix for this sticky situation. Just press some eyeshadow in a matching colour into the eyeliner or brow pencil, and voilà – you are locked and loaded for a day of slayage.


So, there you have it – the 5 beginner makeup rules I didn't know that I didn't know when I first started makeup. Remember, it's all about having fun, getting creative, and feeling fabulous in your own skin. So, go ahead: experiment, enjoy the process, and let your inner glamazon shine bright like a diamond!


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