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About Our Referral Service

We understand that our clients spend a lot of time researching our website before deciding to reach out for a potential appointment.

In the event where we are unable to accommodate a request, we have set up a network of approved Stylists to save our clients time running around online trying to find another company they love.

This network has been thoroughly vetted by us, and are who we consider to be the absolute best in the business.

When you submit a booking enquiry via this website, be sure to tick 'yes' where prompted to take advantage of this FREE service.

From there, any available Stylists will automatically send you a quote for their services, along with links to view their portfolio and bio. You can then email the Stylist any questions and book them online.

Please note that Jacqueline Parker Creative may receive a small remuneration from the Stylist for a successful referral. This is a free service for the Client. 

Meet Our Referral Partners

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